Bags & Prices

Sewing a bag is such a journey!  I agonize over the fabric, the lining fabric, the monogram font (not to mention, the monogram size), the stitching.  Every step is a big deal.  These are some new bags I made, and I (deep breath here) am ready to make them for you.  I worked on pricing (bag fabric + lining fabric + amount of both fabrics + monogramming + time) and got a ridiculous headache, so I simplified (I think), and here are the prices:

The Big, Giant Tote     $50
I designed these to get you through trips — to the farmer’s market, to the mall, to the grocery store, in and out of airports, across continents.  They’re huge, 18″ tall by 18″ wide by 4″ deep.  I just carried mine in and out of airports.  I packed everything from my purse to my computer (with its bag and accompanying cordage bag) to pens, books, a blanket, and so forth.  Each bag is lined, has 3 inner pockets, and either 2 short (16″ from side to side) shoulder straps, or 1 long (22″ from side to side).  The straps are wide (3″) because wide is comfortable, whether you’re navigating an airport or a store.

The Purses     $50
The purses are big.  The red and cream one with the black ribbon band is 14″ x 14″, 22″ across the bottom, and 4″ deep.  It’s dressier than the market bags, and sometimes, I use it for a computer bag.  The blue jean fun bags are big, too.  I can pack my computer plus an accompanying bag plus my too-big wallet, and a couple of books.  On the outside are 4 pockets for keys, phone, loose change, shopping lists,  tickets, whatever.  Each one is lined, and the shoulder straps are either old, stretchy belts (which are comfortable when you’re carrying something heavy) or 22″ x 3″ from side to side.  I added a bow to one of them and monogrammed my name on a different one.

The Computer Bag     $30
I wanted a feminine un-black (have you noticed all the soft, zip-up computer bags are basic black), easy-to pack, big-zippered bag that I could pack folders and even a book with my computer.  So, it’s a little roomier than the normal bags.  I have a 13″ Macbook Pro, and this bag is 12″ tall and 16″ wide, lined, and I put a layer of soft, protective foam between the lining and the bag.

The Big Zip     $20
I made this bag to cram in all the MBP (macbook pro) accessories — power cord, phone power cord, earbuds, and it’s big enough to put my wallet and phone in, as well.  I sometimes slide it into my computer bag, where it snuggles up against my MBP.

The Petite Tote     $20
I didn’t think I would use this bag, and wasn’t sure why I was making it the whole time I worked on it.  Then, I picked it up, and it went everywhere with me for two weeks, until I stopped long enough to wash it. It’s 14″ x 14″, 3″ deep with an 8″ x 8″ pocket on the front and a 22″ x 1 1/2″ shoulder strap.  The pocket holds my cellphone, keys, reading glasses, and sunglasses.  Inside, it will house neatly several magazines, books, or stuff from a quick grocery store or drug store run, lunch and snack stuff, a make up bag plus my kind of bag wallet.  Although I didn’t line it, I’m going to do that (someday) because I like it so much.  It was my surprise bag.  I was just not expecting to like it, and now, I love it.

1 – 3 letters, 5
Your name, $10
A personalized message (a favorite verse or saying), $20


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